About Us

We are 3 sisters with a passion for Sharing and Spreading Gods Love through our Music and the Gifts that we have been blessed with..

Ashley, 21, plays keyboard,
Katie, 20, sings & plays guitar,
Natalie, 17, plays drums.

We have been singing and playing together for as long as we can remember. Our parents made sure we always had instruments in the house, and any lessons we needed, Even when things were tight, they always made our music their priority and sacrificed so we could play. We all 3 started out playing piano, then Ashley & Katie started guitar, and Natalie’s hands were too small at the time to take lessons, so she branched out to learn the drums.
We started out leading worship in home group settings, then started helping in church worship, and then leading worship ourselves.
All our family and friends kept insisting that we needed a band name, that’s when my dad came up the EllyMays, due to the fact that we like the outdoor sports; like hunting,fishing, motorbikes, and horses. It reminded him of the Beverly Hillbillies, and so he looked it up in the Greek name book and the Greek meaning of Elly is illuminated, May is gift of God. It took awhile for us 3 girls to agree that this name fit perfectly!

We never have sought after the performance side, our hearts have been in leading worship that brings others into the presence of Jesus. God keeps opening doors in other areas that have been different from our own desires and ideas. We just want to surrender to Gods will, and to be a part of his Mission, even when it conflicts with our own ideals. Our passion is to share Gods love and to spread the News that Jesus brought to us all.

There is Hope for us All!